Funny old man

I went to play volleyball at the church the other day. There was an old man sitting at the scorer’s table when I got there. Me and some of the other ladies were standing around talking waiting for others to show up so we could play, and this conversation took place. I keep thinking about it and laughing.

One of the ladies to me: “Remember last year when you played and you were pregnant and you kept diving for the ball?”

Me: “Ha Ha, yeah. funny.”

Old man at the scorer’s table that I’ve never met before: “You had a baby?! What are you? 16?”

Me: “Well, close. Give or take a couple of years.”

Old man: “Is that your first kid?”

Me: “No. More like my 6th.”

Old man: “You have 6 kids?!”

Me: “Yes, old man, Yes I do.”

Old man: “When my wife and I got married, we wanted 12 kids, then after we had our first 2 we decided three kids would be good. We never should have had that 3rd kid. I should have killed him. I still kind of want to kill him.”


Then later the same old man was watching me play volleyball.

Old man: “You must have played college ball, right?”

Me: “No, I only played my freshman year of highschool.”

Old man: “Oh. Did you quit playing so you could start having babies?”

Me: “Yes old man, yes, you are right.”


I’m on a Dyslexic Kids Facebook page. The other day they posted a picture that I thought was interesting, because it reminded me of a picture Keaton had drawn for Scott for father’s day. Keaton made me write a little note to Scott, because he doesn’t like to try and write sometimes since he struggles with it so much. But at the bottom he added his own word. I’m not sure what it was supposed to say. I just thought it was interesting how both Keaton’s picture and the dyslexic kids picture mixed numbers and letters together. Here’s the picture the dyslexic kids had on their FB page:

Here’s Keaton’s picture:

I have just been wondering lately how exactly words on a page appear to him. I have found some great websites and great ideas for helping kids with dyslexia and I want to do a blog post about that, but right now I have a screaming child. By the way Keaton’s picture is a drawing he did of Scott while Scott was holding Maryn. I thought it was pretty cool.




A Dyslexic Brain

Towards the end of the school year this last year, I seriously started to wonder if Keaton was dyslexic. He was having a really hard time with reading and he’d often get letters in a word mixed up. For example, he’d read the word “there” as “three” or one time he even insisted that the word “left” said “elft”. I have watched him closely over the summer, and the more I read with him, the more I see his struggles. I find pictures all over the house that he has drawn and he tries to write stories to go along with them. I should have taken photos of all of his little pictures, but he writes some words backwards, like “pu” is supposed to be “up”. When I first started realizing he might be dyslexic, I was a little upset and sad. It’s another thing to add on to his already tough life. But, the more I thought about it the more I realized he has this unique ability to see the world differently than I do, and maybe in some crazy way it will end up being an advantage. After all, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexandar Graham Bell, and many others were also dyslexic. So, I do have a lot of hope for him. I’m just struggling to find the best ways to help him so he can be successful in life. Keaton is very artistic. I love his drawings and his little stories he writes. I’ve posted quite a few photos of the pictures/stories he’s written. I’m sure as you read his stories you will also notice his obvious struggle to spell words correctly and some letters are written backwards, but I love his unique outlook on life.

I took this list from WebMd of the signs that your child may be dyslexic. Everything they have on this list describes Keaton.

 A child in kindergarten through fourth grade may:

  • Have difficulty reading single words that are not surrounded by other words.
  • Be slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds.
  • Confuse small words such as “at” and “to,” or “does” and “goes.”
  • Make consistent reading and spelling errors, including:
    • Letter reversals such as “d” for “b.”
    • Word reversals such as “tip” for “pit.”
    • Inversions such as “m” and “w” and “u” and “n.”
    • Transpositions such as “felt” and “left.”
    • Substitutions such as “house” and “home.”

In the picture above Keaton writes of a “big fry”. That is supposed to be “big fly”, which mixing up spellings of simple words like that can be a sign of dyslexia.

I helped Keaton write “code breaker” on this one, and his brother helped him write “taser”. The rest he did himself. “Elein” is supposed to be “alien”.

This one the top line should say “PC Mission”. The next should say “fight Colby.”

Here again he writes “fry” instead of “fly”. As for what it should say here it is: I wish that aliens were real then they try to kill us. And shoot lasers at us. And fly in their spaceship. And take us away.

This says…What if there was an earthquake and a fire at the same time?

I had a journal but I drew in it. And when I was four I got it. And it was amazing.

Have you seen a giant teddy bear what is ten feet and ten more feet?

What if there was a book called diary of a bee?

So, this is our struggle right now. We are working on it and I’ve been trying to research everything I can about dyslexia, so I can help the cute little bugger out.

The Rad Dad!


My kids have it pretty good. They have an awesome dad, and I have an awesome husband. Happy father’s day Scott!

Reasons why Scott is a rad dad??

He takes the kids fishing, because the kids love it, but he actually hates it.

He loves to help the kids with their school projects. I think Parker had the best marshmallow catapult ever.

He knows lots of cool stuff and cool people. He encouraged Parker to research Buckminster Fuller for his school project. Google Buckminster Fuller’s name. The year before that he helped Jaxon research Nikola Tesla. I even started reading about these two people. I didn’t really know anything about them before this and it was really awesome learning about them.

He loves to do stuff as a family. I remember before I was married thinking that I hoped I would marry someone that would want to spend time with our family. Scott is awesome at finding hikes for the whole family to go on or just being with the family.

Now that he works from home, he helps me out SO much with the kids. Maryn loves him. He’ll sit and work while holding a kid.


He’s awesome at sewing. He actually taught me how to sew. Pretty sad, I know. When we got married he knew how to sew and I didn’t.

I know he loves all of our kids, but it’s been fun watching him with the girls. He really is a good dad.

And, he treats me SO good. We don’t have a perfect marriage, but I feel like it’s pretty good. I love spending time with Scott and I’ve loved being married to him. Happy Father’s day Scott!

PS…I meant for this post to be so much more awesome, but everytime I wanted to work on it Scott was hard at work…working on photos or other things. So, I just slapped this all together.


I’m not sure if the link above will work or not, and if it does, I hope scott doesn’t kill me. You can’t see Keaton in the video. He’s sitting on the other side of Scott. I was sitting in the wrong place to get them both in the video. He really isn’t just reading the book to himself. :)When I took the video, he didn’t know I was recording him. But, I asked him one night to read to Keaton because all the kids are supposed to read for 20 minutes a day for their homework. He agreed to do it, and he was being so cute with Keaton. I loved all the voices he was doing as he read. I think the kids all love Scott to read to them. I’m boring and don’t do different voices. This video just made me realize what a good husband/father we have.




Parker’s Silent World

Parker is a little Scott junior. Whenever a camera is pointed at him he will make a face.

Parker had an eye appointment this last week, and while we were waiting for the doctor to come in Parker looked at me and asked, “How long have I been like this?”  For me I can remember what it was like before he had JRA, but for Parker he can’t  remember life before JRA. He was diagnosed when he was 2 years old. I asked him if he remembered any of that time and he said no. It was interesting talking to him about all of it. I guess it was just an eye opener to me to realize he has no idea what life without JRA is like.

Lately I have been thinking what it must be like to be Parker. He’s a super happy little kid that is nice to everyone. He just seems to care about other people especially if they are in pain. I guess because he understands what it’s like to be in pain. Not many people have seen his pain or know what he has gone through and just by looking at him you’d never know there was anything wrong with the kid.

I was just thinking the other day about all the things that he has to go through that most of his friends know nothing about. He looks so normal, so typical, like any other little boy. There are so many things no one knows about him. No one hears him tell me how much he hates having JRA. No one hears him tell me how much he hates getting shots. On his shot night, no one hears him come quietly ask me if I’ll come hold his hand while Scott gives the shots. As he gets the painful shot, no one hears him scream out in pain and no one feels or sees how tightly he is gripping my hand as tears roll down his cheeks. Even after the shots are done, no one hears his tense gasps for air because the pain of the shots takes quite awhile to lessen. But, all in all he handles it so well. I’m amazed at how happy he is all the time. But, I can’t help but wonder if Parker will ever know what life is like without JRA.

As for the eye appointment, his eyes looked great. Yay! At least the shots are working.


K-man and OT/PT



So, I’ve had no motivation at all to blog lately. Mostly things have been pretty good, but there has definitely been one thing that has been lacking and that is me doing therapy type things with Keaton. I feel completely guilty about this. The photos above were taken over the summer. Both activities are awesome for him, but this winter has been a little tough. Since everything with CHIP was so messed up, I really never knew if we had insurance or not for a lot of months. So, I kept putting off taking Keaton in to see his therapists. The longer we have gone without seeing the therapists the harder it is for me to imagine going back in. I know they will ask what I’ve been doing with him, and I’m ashamed of what my answer is—pretty much nothing. It’s been really hard to even find time to work with him on his therapy stuff. The kids get home from school and I feel like all we do is homework and by the time dinner and homework is done it’s bedtime and the last thing I want to do is do occupational or physical therapy with Keaton. I’m up most nights with the baby and I guess I feel worn out right now, and I’m becoming super upset with myself for not staying on top of his therapy. I did finally call the rehab place that he goes to and was super sad to find out his physical therapist no longer works there, so we have to start seeing a new lady. But, at least we have  appointments set for occupational and physical therapy.

I know in past posts I’ve talked about different types of therapy besides going to the rehab place, but honestly I really really like and respect the occupational and physical therapists Keaton had. They helped me out a lot when Keaton was first seen. I remember the first time we went to the Occupational therapist. At that time none of the doctors knew what was wrong with Keaton and as a last resort they sent us to a therapist. This therapist evaluated him, and said she was concerned because he wasn’t using the entire left side of his body. I remember struggling to hold back tears when she told me this…I’m not sure if I was sad or if I was relieved. I had been telling the doctors for quite some time that I knew there was something wrong with Keaton and it wasn’t just some injury. I felt like she was the first person to actually listen to us. She called our pediatrician and told him to get Keaton into a neurologist as soon as possible. I think she knew exactly what was wrong with Keaton. How come it was so easy for her to see it and the doctors were clueless? I think it’s a question I’ll never have answered, but I will be forever grateful to her for listening to us and helping us get in to see a neurologist.

Anyways, the longer I go on without getting Keaton back in to see his therapists the more depressed I have become about him. I know he needs it.  So, I guess it’s time to get off my behind and get to work. I think I want to have a blog just about stuff we do with him or toys we use to encourage him to use the left side of his body. I’m going to look into starting a hemi-blog. We’ll see if I get around to actually doing it! I feel like I have a lot going on with just having had a baby and all of my kid’s stuff going on….so it might take a few months before that actually happens.


It’s taken me forever to post about Maryn, but she was born in December and everything went really well. She was super chubby. She weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz if I am remembering right. She had dark hair when she was born, which some of the other kids have had dark hair, too, so I figured it would lighten up after a while, but so far her hair is still dark and her eyes are turning brown. Every single one of her siblings has blonde hair and blue eyes, so this is going to be funny. She’s going to be our little oddball. :) So far she’s been super fun and she’s super chubby. She’s a super sweet baby.


The last few months have been a little crazy. I had the baby. We named her Maryn. I will post pictures when I get a chance. I really haven’t been too motivated to blog. We are still adjusting to how things are now. Scott has been doing freelance photography, and it’s actually working out pretty good for him…actually better than I would have ever imagined it would be. We have received a lot of blessings. I’m so grateful for every single blessing we have received. Lately I’ve thought a lot about how this past year has turned out. It’s definitely been a hard but rewarding year for me. I’ve had a lot of things on my mind…Somedays I still struggle to understand why things happened the way they did, but I am learning a lot. One of my favorite things to do lately is watch videos on the LDS website. I don’t know what it is, but it’s really calming to do that. Here’s a video I watched recently that I could really relate to. It’s pretty awesome. If you ever are feeling frustrated by your circumstances, this video really is helpful.

Click here for the video.


I’m a little crazy and decided I wanted to try and sew a blessing dress for the new baby. I’ve never done anything like it before, but I found a really simple pattern and some super cute fabric. I found the pattern on this awesome blog called sew much ado. It really wasn’t super hard. Here’s how the blessing dress turned out.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out. There are a few mistakes I made. It’s definitely not sewn perfect, but I loved making it, and I’m excited for the baby to wear it. I’m also planning on making a ruffle fabric diaper cover to go with

it. I think the fabric makes it look a lot fancier than it really is. I’m definitely excited to see how the baby looks in it.

Before I jumped into making the blessing dress, I decided to practice on fabric that we already had just to see if I could even make the dress. I was actually pretty happy with my practice dress, too. Here’s a picture of my practice run.

We still have lots of this fabric left over, so my next project is going to be making Swasey a dress like it.

Who would have thought that me of all people would enjoy making dresses for my girls?? :)


How to teach a Hemi to ride a bike

In all the craziness of Scott losing his job, I never got the chance to post about Keaton  learning to ride a 2 wheeler this summer. Keaton had tried and tried for a long time to ride a 2 wheeler, but could never catch on, and I was even getting frustrated. But, in the end it was something super simple that helped him learn….

I asked lots of doctors and therapists what I could do to help him. I got a lot of advice, and we tried a lot of different things, but in the end the thing that really helped him was what another hemi-parent had suggested…

We went to a second hand store, and bought an old cheap bike. We went home took the pedals off of the bike. And, then Keaton practiced coasting down our driveway with his peddleless bike. He learned how to balance this way, and if he started falling the bike was small enough that he could just put his feet more info

on the ground and stop himself from falling. I thought it would take a month or two on the “balance bike” before he would be able to get on a bike and start riding on his own, but he actually caught on a lot quicker than I thought he would. It was super awesome and exciting to see him take off on his own bike. Now he’s a pro. He has no problem at all riding all over the place on his bike.

Also, I think some of his motivation came from Berkley. Berkley is younger than Keaton and actually learned to ride a 2 wheeler before Keaton (see the post before this one). It was exciting and sad at the same time. I thought Keaton was going to cry, and I think he was choking back his tears as he watched Berkley take off on his bike, but it all turned out okay. They both can ride their 2 wheelers all over the place.